Start the Movement

The place and time for starting the patient experience movement is here and now. PX transformation, more than anything, requires a passionate, determined leader who can dream a world for her team and the patients and can rally her troops along with her on this exciting journey.

Start the PX Program


Set your patient experience vision

Define a clear vision for your patient experience transformation program. Start with the end in mind around what this would look like for your patients, staff and the administration.

Identify your PX Champions

Identify your PX Champions - they'll come from all corners of the hospital in all shapes, colors and sizes - from nurses, allied staff, residents, doctors, finance and everywhere - PX is everyone's business!

Deploy PX Best Practices


Define your key performance indicators

Define your key patient experience performance indicators and what within your organization impacts those key performance indicators. 

Define your PX Intervention Framework

Identify the key patient experience determinants and design a patient experience intervention framework for your practice including the orchestration of the processes and collaboration of the teams.

Go the Miles


Nothing of value comes easy

Nothing that's worth achieving comes easy. But a strong leadership, a clear vision and a passionate team will guarantee you success with your PX dream.

Predict, Intervene, Collaborate and Win

Using technology and capturing the data across the full patient's journey spectrum and feeding them into an active predictive model will ensure that you're always few steps ahead of the game.

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Whether you’re a Chief eXperience Officer, or a staff member passionate about patient experience, here's your chance to get started.

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